Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busy as a Beaver

Wow, what a day! Busy, busy, busy! I helped my father put up some of the rails on the front porch this morning. Had lunch with my parents. Took trash to the dump and some clothes to Goodwill. Piddled around the house. Squeezed in a nap. Then off to class this evening. I'm wore out. We had a pop quiz tonight. It was open book, which was nice. I managed to answer most of the questions without having to look them up. That either means I've absorbed the information very well or I blew it miserably. I felt good about the answers. I guess I'll know for certain in Monday's class. Hopefully, my dear readers you haven't missed my wit and charm too much. Tomorrow should be a relative calm day. Feel free to read some of the archived post if you aren't getting enough of your daily dose of Ultra Dave!


Lemuel said...

I will keep my best thougths going for you that you did well on the pop quiz.

Ray's Cowboy said...

Very busy, "kept you off the streets" as my Dad alwaysed said. Glad to hear you did well in school.

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