Friday, February 20, 2009

Stellar Moments

Ever so often there are stories you hear that touch your heart. Maybe even your soul. You find faith in humanity once again. You believe that good can overcome evil. That love will always win over hate. The tears well up and a lump forms in your throat. They swell up in you as you read the words. Or hear them spoken. The triumph over adversity. The rescue of an helpless animal. Someone who did the right thing with out thought for personal gain, but because it was right. Sadly, human history rarely recalls those stellar moments. Hidden away in some news archive, waiting to be rediscovered by a future generation who needs an uplifting story. The endless wars. The relentless poverty. The hunger. It all overwhelms us everyday. The struggles of daily living blind us to the good that still exist in mankind. In our hurried pace we bypass the opportunity for a kind word or gesture to family and stranger alike. The violence of the world numbs us to the outrage we should feel toward the perpetrators. We shrug our shoulders or nod our heads like that is enough to undo it. There are humans among us that have risen to the occasion. Have surpassed every standard and norm set by their community. We give them a hurrah and quickly go back to the mundane. There are stories to be told. There are voices to be heard. Actions to be undertaken. It is these few souls, the islands of humanity, that will carry us forward. The shining examples of what we all should be. The one who shrugged or said it couldn't be done. For those, my eyes well up, a lump forms in the throat, and I say, "Thank you, for restoring my faith in humanity and mankind".


Kevin said...

It certainly is refreshing to hear something positive happening in today's world. The dolphin story really welled my eyes up, though.

Lemuel said...

We need those kinds of stories to help lift us and keep us going. It helps us know that there are other people in this world besides bigots and bankers.

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