Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sibling Missives

Howdy Sis!

So I hear you are having a birthday this week! What's that all about? You making me look old! I wish you a Happy Birthday and many more!

Hope everything is going well in your neck of the woods. I hope the little bit of money I sent with mama will help you celebrate a little. (Thanks for the Internet service, one day I'll pay you back for all your help!) School is going well. No problems so far. The doc upped my dose, it seems to work. (Medicated for your convience!) The place is shaping up over there. Daddy has put a lot of work into it. I help out some. Mama and I have been shopping for stuff she thinks she needs for the other place. It's actually been fun hanging out with them both. I finally got a hair cut. I look human again. Still fat though. One day I'll fix that too. Well gotta go. I have an assignment due this week I need to get crackin' on. Love you Sis! Tell everyone I said "Hey", and give them a hug for me!


Your fantasically handsome, smart, funny, medicated brother,


Thank you so much for the present. You really did not have to do that!! I am glad the internet service is working out well for you. Thanks for being there for moma and daddy when I am further away. I am beginning to see a little bit of improvement in moma's depression. I know its hard for her but I really hope that she is working her way out of it just a little. She went shopping with me all day 2 weeks ago - so that was good. Anyway - glad things are regulated correctly for you now and your haircut looks great !!! Take care and call me if you need anything.

PS I just need to brag a minute on the kids - Chase made the school basketball team and is their starting center. He had the highest points on either team the last game and his name has been in the newspaper a couple times. I'm proud as a peacock!!! Devynne has been chosen to participate in a Battle of the Books tournament for her school next month.; She had to read 12 books and test on them. She's excited. She's in all the higher level classes and doing well. Dance competition starts next Sat. She's so pretty and has a boyfriend uggggg!!! Will - well what can I say. He has become this self sufficient little child and I hate it. I want him to still curl up on my lap and as me to fix him a pepsi!!!!! Anyway - he just had baseball tryouts and scored 5th out of 99 kids!!!! That's pretty incredible I thought. The highschool coaches were ranking them during tryouts!!! So much for the bragging. Family is the only ones I can do that with and not get myself in trouble!!! Take care and see ya later!!!

PSS My puppy is the only disappointment we have!! What a pain in the ass he is!! Tearing up garbage, chewing up everything!!! I need Ceasar!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

Love you much - see ya later

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