Saturday, February 14, 2009

Burning Love

Many years ago, while bored, my ex had an idea. Not one of his brighter ones, but interesting. He called me up and explained what all it entailed. I asked lots of questions to be sure I understood my part in this hair brain idea. I drove to his apartment. Everything was set up. A small wading pool, fill with some water, a pedestal in the center, a Kodiak Instamatic camera with lots of extra film, a wet blanket, and a sopping wet, fully clothed boyfriend. His plan was to recreate a photo he had seen in his youth. I being the more cautious of the two, covered ever aspect of the impending event. I cleared things out of the way that could be a hazard. I placed things in easy reach for either of us, should something go wrong. He wanted to set himself on fire and have me take a picture of it. Told you it was a hair brain idea. He re-soaked his clothes, sat cross legged on the pedestal, put some lighter fluid in the center of his chest and lit it. It looked great in the darkened room. I quickly snapped a pic and threw the wet blanket on him. The image wasn't so great, so we tried again. The others were much better. He experimented with the placement of the fire. On wet gloved hands, his thighs, his crotch. Surprising, everything went without a hitch. We didn't set the apartment on fire, neither of us were burned. We had some really cool pics that I assume he still has. My job was to take pictures and put him out. His was to lite up and not panic. That requires some serious trust. Of course being as hot natured as I am, before the night was over, I was doing this nude. Which led to some other pics that didn't involve fire.

My ex had his flaws but we always had trust. That is a bond that never failed us regardless of whatever we went through together. That is the part of a relationship I miss. Knowing that there is some one you can count on no matter what. With us it was amazingly deep.

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...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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