Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Everywhere I Look

Is it just me, or are these young fellas these day hunkier and hotter than any previous generation? I was in Lowe's this afternoon, and it resembled a hunk parade! Everywhere, there were these hot young guys shopping, walking, working, just there! It reminded me of an afternoon tea dance! I swear, I think I was cruised in the door and window aisle by a hunky, 20's something Latino fella. I didn't think much of it at the time, but every time I turned a corner there he was, not really looking at anything particular as I could tell. Maybe I'm just turning into a chicken hawk at my age. I treated myself to a late lunch/ early dinner at my favorite restaurant. There is a young, muscle fella that has worked there for a couple years now that just makes my knees weak. Today he was out and about the dining room, to and from the kitchen, standing where he was always in my line of sight. For the first time, I really felt he was doing it for me. It seems to the same every time I'm there, but today was more so than usual. He is too young and too fine to be interested in some old fart like me. A friend once told me I'm clueless when it comes to picking up on these things. He was right. Unless they slap me with their dick, I don't assume they are interested in me, that they are just being friendly. Maybe I've just been alone to long, or worse I'm becoming one of those lecherous old man.


A Lewis said...

They are EVERYWHERE! Handsome, sexy, sassy and they make me have nasty thoughts in my head.

Lemuel said...

being a lecherous old man can sometimes be fun. believe me. ;)

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