Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Night

Class went well tonight. It was a quick two hours. I like Dreamweaver software. It is very easy to learn. With the smaller class size it makes asking questions and getting answer you understand a breeze. There are a couple of people who try to get ahead a little in class, which is admiral, but then they also are the ones that ask the most questions about the current instructions or how to undo a mistake. Wouldn't it be easier to slow your pace and grasp what you are doing, instead of confusing yourself ? Whatever works for them. I prefer to keep pace with the instructor. There is two ladies that seem to struggle a lot. I guess they aren't familiar with computers at all. I hope they don't get frustrated and quit. Otherwise everything at school is rolling along nicely. I even ran into a classmate from last semester on the way in.

1 comment:

Lemuel said...

I should push your post into one of my co-worker's face! He needs to see what you wrote. (If he weren't such a homophobe, I would, btw.)

He is a bit younger that I am and is taking a class at a local college. He comes in and bitches at me the morning after each class about how he knows it all and the teacher "won't let" him do things the way he wants to do them. He is one of your "friends" who wants to work ahead, but who misses the learning (and makes the mistakes) in the process. They consume valuable class time from those who are learning like yourself.

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