Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Color Me Surprised!

Well, I'm at home, writing a blog post and not in my class. You may be asking yourself why? Let me tell you, it's an interesting story. I'm all excited about my new classes this morning, and the fact that they are all on one campus. It turns out they are not. Surprise! So was I. I show up at the local campus early to go the the bookstore for a paper. Then wander around trying to figure out where the class is located since my schedule had TBA (To Be Announced) for the location. After searching through both buildings, I figured it must be in one of the mobile units, so off I go. I found one with the corresponding number and take a seat. The instructor was the wrong gender, so I figured maybe someone else was teaching it or filling in today. After she called roll and my name wasn't on it, I was a bit panicky. I excused myself, went to the business office to try to sort it out. Somehow when registering and trying to keep the class times close together, I missed that small detail of which campus it was at in that time slot. The same class is taught at an earlier time on the local campus, but was full, unless someone drops out. So, guess I'll be driving to Polkton again this semester. Not ideal, but if I can make it back for my next class, I'll stick with it. Now I need to email the instructor to explain this absence and find out what I missed today. Oh, the joys of my life!

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