Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just Wondering

  1. Do you think the United States spends too much money abroad that could be better spent here in this country?

  2. How does one make friends exactly? I'm a little rusty.

  3. Is America as great as it once was or has it declined past redemption?

  4. Do you think the Supreme Court ruling for corporate political ads was a very stupid thing to do? Can it or should it be reversed?


Peter said...

#1. I don't pay taxes in your country, so I don't know.
#2. That's a tricky question on which I don't have an answer, if you got one let me know!
#3. That's all in the eye of the beholder.
#4. The most stupid thing to do, they sold Americans to the highest bidder/corporation. Just as State and Religion should be separate, same goes for State and Big Inc's.
I hope it can be reversed.

CJ/Rick said...

Well I kind of do.
Bullshitters say you have to be one to have one and I say that's bullshit. It's hard to say. It's not as easy for guys as it is for women. I'm not particularly friendly but I could use more friends.
No I don't think we are. We are viewed by some as a bully and others as a weak nation.
Over rule it.

TomS said...

I do think we spend foolishly; especially in our "global economy"...we outsource at wages that could not sustain one in this country. America still has greatness, but as we meld into a global society we will soon be undistinguished, sadly, I think. The Supreme Court ruling was a horrible precedent...I don't know for sure if it can be overturned through legislation (I need to read up more)....
I think people are drawn to those whio are sincerely interesdted in them and their interests. Let people talk about themselves, you will be sought out! Also, by kindly responding to the writing of others (mine, for instance) you have made a good feiend here!
Thanks Dave,

Jeepguy said...

1. I'm inclined to say "yes" although I understand that some of this could be viewed as an investment in maintaining allies. I think we should me more careful about how and to whom we fund foreign aid to ensure we're making good investments.

2. That's a tough one. I say, just be yourself. Take some risks, even if it means garnering the disapproval of a few folks. (You didn't need them as friends, anyway!) I've never had a huge number of friends, as I'm kind of an introvert by nature, but the friends I do have are close. And, that's ok with me.

3. America's image has declined severely, both in the eyes of its own citizens and in the view of people from other countries, for the most part. Collectively, we've gotten shamelessly piggy, and we will pay for that in the long run if we don't turn things around.

4. Huge mistake! Take it back!

Lemuel said...

1. Absolutely. It's called "war". What we have wasted on wars (in particular the Bush Wars) could have rebuilt the infrastructure of this nation alone.
2. I have no secret, but my approach is to try to be a friend. Sometimes those whom I want to befriend do not respond, but other friendships with folks I least expected blossom unnoticed.
3. The US is a shadow of the great nation it once was. We have abandoned great values for the sake of pettiness, greed, ego, and power. The world has taken notice and looks elsewhere for a model.
4. Stupid is not the word. It is far worse than stupid and it must be countered if we are in any way to retain our democracy. The Bush/Roberts Court has turned the clock back nearly 150 years.

witomski said...

In drafting our Constitution our "Founding Fathers" knew that absolute power absolutely corrupts. This is why the Constitution permitted the Federal government to levy taxes for national defense and the rest was left to the individual States to determine. Then at the turn of the 20th century, we got the brilliant idea to alter our Constitution to allow the Feds to levy taxes to pay for programs for the "common good" of the we have "fucked" ourselves during the last hundred years. It is unfortunate that men do not learn from history. Move over Rome.

Russ Manley said...

1. I can't count that high.

2. I use Play-Dough myself, though some people swear by gingerbread.

3. It all depends which end of the horse you're looking at.

4. Yup. And yup. But it won't be anytime soon.

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