Friday, January 1, 2010

New This Year?

Now all the toasting and well wishing is done with, I can move toward activity in 2010. Oddly, it doesn't feel any different than it did yesterday. I don't feel more or less optimistic, nor richer or poorer, lighter or healthier, in or out of love than yesterday either. What has changed was the calender, and with it, a certain mindset. A shift of our individual perspective. The good riddance factor. All the ugly stuff is now behind us, never to trouble us again. If it were only that simple!

The end of the year brings a certain closure to the unpleasant, but in honesty, can't we do that any day of the year we choose? Of course, New Year's Eve is mostly symbolic in jettisoning the bothersome stuff from throughout the year. Sort of a warning to wrap it up so you can move on. I, for one, do this continually throughout the year. I see no point in waiting for a shiny ball to drop from the sky to let me know it's time to let go. I do my best not to linger over the bad or the sad in my life. I try to keep a clean mental and emotional slate constantly. I don't dwell longer than needed to deal with the problem. I deal with it then and there and move on to something else. Things that refuse to be dealt with quickly require longer to be rid of, those I whittle away at till it is gone. I don't allow it to consume me. I focus on it as needed, then redirect my energy elsewhere, trying to be as productive and efficient as possible, at least mentally. So for the New Year, I say welcome, and good riddance to the old year, and get comfortable with the works in progress.

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Ray's Cowboy said...

I hope you the best for this new year.

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