Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good Vibes

The last couple of days have been unusual for me. My desperation for sex or companionship must now be palpable. Wednesday night I was doing my FaceBook stuff, just goofing off, when a friend of mine Tyler, who was actually in one my of classes, chatted me up. We have talked many times before, covering everything from school to sex, just whatever pops up. He was in a mood, as most drunk, straight, 24 year olds are, so he emails me nude pics of himself. Needless to say he masturbated while I described what oral sex should be like. He thanked me.

Next the store manager of this convience store I frequent, like everyday, gives me a slip of paper with a phone number on it. She is the last person I would think of trying to hook two people up. She said the guy was nice, the brother of her hairdresser, 34 years old, and I should call him. I hope to get to that today.

I had another friend from high school, John, also striaght, married, chat me up the other day. He told me he has been having certain thoughts about us together. I'm confused about that one but in a good way. He was sweet enough to ask "why if I knew so many hot guys was I still single?" I'll have to get back to him on that as soon as I figure it.

I guess I'm broadcasting some serious vibes. Now if Jeff would just pick up on them.......


Java said...

I love that picture!

Have you let your crush know that you are interested? Is it possible for you to make the first move, ask him out?

As for the "straight" married friend, that could be interesting and/or dangerous.

Good luck!

Ultra Dave said...

I'm afraid he may say yes, and being unemployed, I can't treat my man the way I would like, so guess I'll lust from afar a bit longer!

TomS said...

If you've set your sights on him, he is probably pretty special (and lucky). Go for it....he may surprise you, and not need the royal treatment.

Russ Manley said...

Golly gee wilikers Dave - *straight* boys sure didn't act that way in my day and time, I tell you what. Sure is a new day, that's a fact.

Either that, or you must be a helluva sex magnet my friend. Grin.

Stephen said...

I am across the country & I feel compeled to talk dirty & hot you up!
Wishing you the best in the new decade.
You have a really great blog..I will be back!

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