Sunday, January 31, 2010

First Snow

Well, we had the first snow/ice/sleet of the year. About an inch and a half of the stuff. It is frozen solid this morning. I took Izzy out this morning and neither of us could hardly break through the crust. He was slipping trying to get traction. LOL. It was just too funny. I had to take a garden hoe to the car windows and hood. It was so thick and hard, my ice scraper would even penetrate it, much less move it! Thankfully, the store across the street was open to day. I walked across, slipping and sliding a wee bit to pick up some soda and chocolate (the necessities). I couldn't budge the car up my slippery little driveway. Depending on the conditions Monday morning, I'm not certain if I will venture to to the Polkton campus for class. I'm very hesitant to try that 50 mile round trip if the road isn't clear. I heard in town the roads aren't that bad, but getting into town is the problem. Hope everyone has a safe and warm weekend!


Russ Manley said...

We had just a dusting of snow here, mainly its just cold and gloomy. You stay warm and be safe, stay off those icy roads bud.

CJ/Rick said...

I'd stay off the roads too. It's just not worth the hassle Dave. A hoe to the car? Don't do that.
Actually, the way the local weatherman was talking I would have thought you got more snow. It's just been cold and cloudy here but my Dad got over a foot of snow in the Ozarks.
Be safe!

Lemuel said...

It seems that the South got this storm. We just had clouds!

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