Monday, January 4, 2010

Just Wondering

Something to ponder when it's too cold for deep thinking.

  1. Do expectations ever really get met or is it more about the perception of how close it came?

  2. Shouldn't the government's concern be for ALL citizens needs, without the influence of others?

  3. Why are those people who are suppose to be all for the greater good, the first to screw it up?

  4. What if someone achieved every goal and dream they had in life, would they be happier?

  5. Why can animals find a balance with their environments, but humans with the bigger brains and tools cannot?


TomS said...

I'll give this a try...but rememer, it's almost midnight:

1. When I go out in the rain and expect to get wet, I do. When I jump off the roof and expect to fly, instead I may die.
2. Sometimes, the needs of a small group of citizens is distasteful to a larger, more irrational group. The government should not meet the need of the larger group to act hatefully.
3.God only knows---
4.Anyone who meets all of their goals and dreams is probably limited, and so, yes, they may be happier, in a dumb sort of way.
5. I love to ponder this most of all...animals have no expectations, except the routine love and care humans can provide; their needs are constant so they don't need government...or religion...and they have no goals or dreams except to stay alive.
Good night Dave!

Russ Manley said...

Dave, buddy . . . turn that electric blanket down a notch or two, your brain is cooking. Grin.

They gave Socrates the hemlock for asking questions like these . . . .

Lemuel said...

#2 and #3 - indeed!
#4 - sometimes I am convinces that the pursuit of the goal is more meaningful than achieving it.

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