Saturday, January 2, 2010

FaceBook Praise

Confused and confounded.

Bemused and amazed.

FaceBook has me in a daze!

I love FaceBook. I have so much fun looking through other people's thoughts, photos, and stuff. You can really learn a lot about your friends and acquaintances by availing yourself to all the information in their profiles. I love that I can catch up on what has been going on with someone. I often wonder if they bother to do the same with my profile? I wouldn't mind. There isn't anything there that I find troublesome. Hopefully, it may even enlighten them a little. I also love the chat feature. It is quirky and temperamental but fun none the less. Given that I have a pay as you go phone, (thanks to a "friend"), the chat feature has really came in handy in being able to talk with friends I wouldn't get to otherwise. There are a few friends that seem to avoid it for some reason. Guess they are too popular and would be trapped chatting if they were shown to be on line. Understandable. I actually set up a list as to who can see me online. Hated to do it but it makes being on FaceBook a bit easier. I secretly hope that they haven't done the same and excluded me! I really don't care about every little thing they do, that is for Twitter. I do like to hear about some event in your day or your general mood or thoughts for the day. If any of my readers are on FaceBook, look me up!


Bigg said...

You and I have been Facebook friends for... Well, forever in Facebook time. I'm one of those annoying sorts who only plays the games and never chats or posts status updates that are anything but snarky...
Still, I love Facebook too. See ya there!

Larry Ohio said...

You can set up FB to select who can see you online or not? Please teach me.

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