Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just Wondering

  1. What exactly are the lines between crush, obsession and stalking?

  2. How does one move from friendship to relationship with someone?

  3. Do you think the economy is improving?

  4. Is it wrong to have my wedding planned without a boyfriend first?

  5. What improvements would you suggest to make myself more employable?


Java said...

1. Superman says it has to do with the level in which you creep out your object of affection/desire. But I don't know.
2. The way porcupines make love.
3. Yes, but it may just be wishful thinking.
4. No. But be flexible about your plans when the boyfriend shows up.
5. Ummm, create a market for your talent? Good question.

Ultra Dave said...

LOL......Thanks Java!

Ray's Cowboy said...

1. question. crush is what youthink someone is HOT. Obessions is where they do not leave your mind. Stalking is Fatal Attraction where you make rabbit stew for him. Like you moving away from your parents to live near the person.
2It does grow slowly on this. Jon, my ex (over14 yrs) we were freinds then became more then became freinds again.
3. You are joking right?
4. No I have my wedding made out as well. I will wear white, with red underneath and black heem to go with it.
5. Look into yourself and make that one. No one has the right to tell you what you can and con not become.
Beside I think you are a sweet heart anyway.

Any other questions. please feel free to ask. They call me HEADA GIVEU.

Ultra Dave said...

LOL..Thanks Ray! Love the moniker!

Russ Manley said...

Okay, I'll take a turn at bat.

1. Crush - you think about him all the time, and wish he was thinking about you.
Obsession - you think about him all the time and can't understand why he's not thinking about you.
Stalking - you think about him all the time and are furious that he's not thinking about you.

2. How does a hand slip into a glove? If it's right for both of you, it just happens that way; you can't force it.

3. What goes down must come up. Eventually.

4. Not wrong, no; just a very understandable, very human waste of time and a focus on the wrong end of the telescope.

5. Assuming you already know how to brush your hair and teeth, and keep your pants buttoned . . . experience, experience, experience, as I told you before. Which I know is very hard to acquire without a job; catch-22.

Oh and learn to write a good clear, concise (= short) cover letter and resume; ignore those books that say go on for pages. I've been on hiring committees, nobody looks at page 3 or the following. Besides you just have to fill the same damn stuff out on each company's application anyway.

Lemuel said...

1. It all depends on whether you are the crushee or the crusher.
2. By being willing to destroy the friendship for the *chance* at a relationship. Very dangerous.
3. Yes, slowly for the most part.
4. Yes. But every woman does it. The boyfriend is just another accessory to the event in her mind.
5. Keep knocking on the doors and be positive.

Bigg said...

1. A crush is when you like someone. Obsession is when you can't let them out of your sight. Stalking is when you get CAUGHT not letting them out of your sight.

2. If, after the first bout of unbelievably hot sex, they want more instead of saying, "Let's just stay friends," you're on your way.

3. Hell no.

4. Not wrong - but if the wedding's too grand or elaborate, you better REALLY knock his socks off during that first bout of unbelievably hot sex.

5. It's not you that needs to improve - it's your potential employer's attitude that needs work.

Hang in there, Dave!

Ur-spo said...

Planning a wedding has very little need for partner until the very last moment. Don't worry about that one!

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