Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mr Right

The pursuit of the ever elusive Mr Right, is exhausting and time consuming, not to mention costly. It is quiet the challenge to determine what traits qualifies one as Mr Right. I personally have my doubts about the "perfect one" but also won't settle for anything less than close to almost perfect. The physical characteristic vary greatly in those I take interest in and I certainly won't limit myself to a chosen few. However, there are certain behavioral and personality traits that are absolute cinches.

  1. Honesty - Not only with me, but themselves, their family and friends and just those in their life in general. I don't require a billboard stating their preferences, but I do want someone honest and comfortable enough not to shy away from it should it come up, nor do I want to be referred to as their "friend", "roommate", or some other such nonsense.

  2. Humor - An absolute must have, any, even the smallest measure. The better developed the more I'm drawn in. I like someone that can see humor everywhere and in anything, including themselves. Make me laugh heartily, I'm yours.

  3. Intelligence - Not necessary to be Einstein's twin, but at least be able to reference something, anything outside of your normal everyday existence. Knowledge about art, literature, physics, philosophy, religion, current events, etc. scores bonus points.

  4. Compassion - Crying at every sad commerical isn't what I'm looking for, but have a heart and show you do care. Whether toward a charity, animals in distress, disaster victims, the homeless, AIDS patients, somebody, including me, will go a long way in keeping us united.

  5. Respect - Toward themselves, others, me, family, friends, property, animals, law, is paramount. No exceptions.

  6. Romantic - Even if it is nothing more than a remembering a hug or kiss before work or bed or just because, it goes a long way with me. If flowers, cards or unexpected surprises are thrown it, all the better. An appreciation of the same from me is nice as well.

Of course, similar interest and libido add a little more magic to the mix. It goes almost without saying, that finding these traits in varying, acceptable degrees within a person that is physically attractive to me and it being reciprocated is a daunting task. Very few things I'm not flexible on or at least realistic about. Recreational drug use and extreme drinking or binging will send me heading out the door, as will an over reliance on fetishes for pleasure. Also, someone who has very aggressive, almost violent behavior will find me gone. I've lived long enough to realize that Mr Perfect doesn't exist, but Mr Right does. He is the one that will make your heart race and your breathing heavy without ever trying. He's the one that will drive you crazy with his little quirks that you quickly realize are some of his endearing traits. That's the man I'm looking for, hopefully, he's looking for me too!


Java said...

And I hope that you find each other. Soon would be good.

About #3, would knowledge of sports statistics be included in this list? ;)

P.S. I'm not your type. jsyk.

Ultra Dave said...

It wouldn't be excluded Java. LOL

witomski said...

Dave...forget about meeting Mr. Right. Stay focus on school and your career goals as these are things you can control. A love interest in your life at this point will just sidetrack or derail you. You're doing a great job so don't need to step on some landmine. The happiest of New Years....Joe

Ur-spo said...

If you meet this man, see if he has a brother.

Lemuel said...

I think that is an admirable list of qualities. If you do not get hung up on the physical, I would think you may have a chance of finding someone whose inner beauty consists of these things.

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