Sunday, March 14, 2010

Date Update

Yesterday and this morning, the fella that asked me out has posted about a coffee date with someone else. I didn't comment on his post. He later deleted it. I won't post on this morning's either. He hasn't commented on my postings as well. Could the magic be lost so soon? I realize it was only an invitation to dinner, not marriage. I don't assume anything more than that. As usual, my expectations were too high which lead to this disappointment. If it works out before, or even if, we have our date, so be it. There is nothing I can do to change it. My first priority is to see my mother through her surgery and recovery, which he knows about (and also had not commented on). My second priority is school. The money issues are still there as well. I wouldn't expect him to wait on someone he never met. It may be a missed opportunity for both of us. Only time will tell. Right now, I can't do anything or say anything. I don't want to come across as bitter or jealous or needy or desperate. So I will say nothing and hope he has more substance to him than it currently appears.


Russ Manley said...

Ya win some, ya lose some bud. Happens to me too. It's those high expectations that screw us up, we have to learn to turn down the flame and just let the pot simmer, you know?

Lemuel said...

Well, I will keep my hopes for you that at least he keeps the dinner date and you meet. Try to keep it all in perspective. There is quite a lot of this stuff going on amongst us in the Family. So sad that we cannot be more honest and respectful and have some integrity at least with each other.

witomski said...

Dave....Move on, honey. Fuck 'em. You don't need the complications of romance right now have WAAAAY too much going on in your life.....Joe

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