Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dave 101

I have some questions about the guy that asked me out. I'm a bit confused about a few of his actions on Facebook. Obviously, Facebook isn't the best way to tell how a person behaves in real life, but I do think if offers some clues. The first day Chris exchanged a multitude of comments and emails. Now we don't. What changed, I have no clue. Should I be worried, most likely not. He succeeded in getting me to say yes to his invite. I'm just curious as to where the enthusiasm and flirting went. He has deleted some post that I commented on. One of them I understand why because of comments his friends made and his response. I take it as an apology of sorts for his response to them that I thought included me. The second deleted post has me puzzled. Yes it was the middle of the night, 3 a.m., and maybe I was a little too flirtatious with my comments. Hopefully he will respond to the email I sent this morning and clear that up. I guess my thing is this; If you have changed you mind, for whatever reason, then say so. If you haven't, then do your best to keep up. I lose interest quickly otherwise. I realize I have more time to sit at the computer than someone who runs their own company. I realize I have higher standards than most people in how to interact with others in a polite, well mannered way. But honestly if you can spend time playing games on a social network site, then it requires no more effort to click "Like" on a post or to click "Poke" or even to type a few words for a comment or email. Those show interest and consideration. The very reason I do them to the majority of my friends. I may not always have the time for in depth emails or comments, but I can let them know, I'm thinking about them. Now granted maybe he is shy, which didn't really seem to be the case, or maybe, as I feared, my intensity has frightened him. Either way, I guess I had hoped for a little more effort till we actually get to the dinner date. So gentle readers, is this all in my head? Am I expecting too much from him or anybody for that matter? Could I be scaring him with my actions? Let me know. I really would like your opinion on this.


Cubby said...

Geez David, relax and let it happen.

witomski said...

Dave....I think you're making a bigger deal than you need to, at this point. Relax and don't be so aggressive....Joe

Ur-spo said...

I concur; it seems way too complicated. Try to go on a superficial starting level and see if it deepens any.

Russ Manley said...

Ditto to all the above, Dave.

Chill out, man! You are old enough to have already learned that 95 percent of the guys you meet are just passing through and not even slowing down when they get to the Dave Zone, or the Russ Zone, or whatever.

So just accept that, enjoy a pleasant dinner or whatever, keep cool and don't invest all this worry and frustration in somebody you barely know to begin with.

It just ain't worth it, son. Learn to ride the waves. One day there will be somebody who will stop and get out of the car, but till then - be cool man, be very cool.

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