Saturday, March 13, 2010

One, Two, Three...

I'm slowly tackling the crap in my spare bedroom/exercise room. Yep, it is time to tone and tighten. After losing 60 pounds, the last 25 has been problematic. Mostly because I can't eat properly as I was before. The downside of my mother purchasing groceries for me and sending home too many leftovers. My weight has hoovered around 192-195 for too long. I was hoping to loose the weight then exercise to tone it all up, but I'm tired of waiting and given current circumstances, that may be longer than I care to.
It's hard to believe that I was once in killer shape. I wish I had pictures of me back then but I didn't have a good camera then. I do have references! At any rate, my goal is to get back into the same shape I was at 40. I want my abs back! And my tight butt. My biceps seem to not be as big as they once were. Everything else will just tighten up.
My old measurements are also my new goals, and are as follows:
  • 32 inch waist
  • 44 inch chest
  • 15 inch biceps
  • Flat abs
  • Tight butt
  • Only one well defined chin

When I get this mess sorted out, I will resume my usual workout schedule of every other day for an hour. Hopefully, within 45 days at most, the 25 troublesome pounds will be gone! Wish me luck!

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