Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let it Pour

I awoke this morning to a wonderful thunderstorm. The first of 2009. I wish my camcorder had been in the bedroom; I would have turned it on and just let it run a while. I love to hear the distant roll of thunder and the brilliant flash of lightning, then the slow fall of rain that builds to a heavy downpour. I find it strangely invigorating and quite soothing actually. I love the raw power of mother nature on display. The storms with hail and wind are even better. Izzy isn't very fond of them. He barks the first time he hears thunder and then goes hide. He just doesn't have the fondest or appreciation of them like I do. It seem to awaken a primordial part of me that longs to control the elements. If I could whistle up storms, we would never have draught like conditions.


Lemuel said...

I guess that's the storm that is headed our way for tonight - sans thunder.

As a child I was very afraid of thunderstorms, but I grew to love them (as long as I was in safety) as my parents did. In fact I miss the front porch and swing at the one house in which we lived. I used to go out on the porch, sit on the swing, and watch the lightning.

Our second dog would go ballistic during a thunderstorm and could hear or smell it coming. We actually had to get a kind of doggie tranquilizer for her.

BTW, have you ever experienced thunder during a snow storm? I have. It rather blows your mind.

Java said...

I also love thunderstorms. We had some of that same system here, but not so much thunder. Or maybe it thundered while I was sleeping soundly.

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