Saturday, January 3, 2009

Let's Pretend

This is the play house my grandfather had built for my sister and I. Originally it was a little smaller, the porch on the side was an addition a year or so later. I was about 5 years old at the time he built it. He actually constructed it when he lived in Fort Mill S.C. He and my father loaded it up and moved it all the way to Monroe, N.C. when he completed it. It is still standing albeit a little worse for wear after almost 38 years. When my parents moved from my childhood home, we moved it to his property and he used it for storage. It was great for all sorts of adventures. It had glass, operable windows, a screened in porch, bunk beds, a built in bar and electricity. I remember many hours of fun there. We would pretend it was a space ship, a secret lab, a mountain cabin, a club house, a record studio, and a place to just escape to. Even now, on the inside, evidence of our adventures exist, left behind in scribbles on the walls, like childhood itself. I hate to see it in such a state of disrepair but time does march on. Later this year it will be torn down, reduced to it's smaller components and a pile of ashes. I'm glad my grandfather was such a great woodworker. I snapped this picture to remember it by. It will one day be gone, but the memories are still around. It will take more than a hammer or fire to destroy those.


Ruffy said...

WOW, you gave me a huge flash back! We had an old chicken coup on the farm. My dad converted it into a club house for us. We used to spend a ton of time in it. Unfortunately it didn't survive the years and was torn down about 15 years ago. I had almost forgotten about that club house! Thanks for the posting.

Lemuel said...

It reminds me ot the "shack" that my best buddy built as a child with his dad in the field behind their home. I had some great times there with my buddy and our friends. Some of those times I can actually talk about in public others only to Family. ;)

Java said...

That looks and sounds like a whole lot of fun. Glad you have the memories.

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