Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday Rundown

It has been a rainy January so far. My backyard looks like a good place for mudslinging right now. Maybe I should try it. The wind was fierce last night. The front yard is covered in limbs and pine cones from my neighbors trees this morning. It has been in the 60's for the last few days. My yellow bells are putting on buds. I want some cold weather, doggone it! I haven't been able to wear any sweaters this season yet without sweating like a whore in church. Yesterday, I wore a t shirt all day!
One more day till school starts! I hope I can get into the class I want. That would help keep me on track with the program. I hope books aren't too bad this semester. I got a nice chunk of green for Christmas, but I would like some left over for a few indulgences. If not, I'll indulge anyway. I have a lot to catch up on my shopping list since being out of work this past year. Of course, if you have seen the things I've marked off already, you may conclude I haven't missed much.
Oh well, It's about time to go help out my father for a while today. When I return this afternoon, I've got pictures of the renovation to post. I wish I had a camera before we started so the difference would be more obvious, but that's the way it goes.


Lemuel said...

We had an ice storm last night and now it is raining and we are under flood watch.

Keep pace and motivation for your class!

We'll take the pics of progress even if we don't have a full view of before.

A Lewis said...

Mud wrestling championship? Naked?

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