Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What Dreams May Come

One of my classmates, on the last day of our class meeting informed me of a dream. Being the last day for our class to meet, the instructor in her infinite wisdom saw fit to let us watch a movie or otherwise do nothing, being she had last minute grading and whatnot to do. The fella I sorted drew close too was sitting near my seat for the last class, not his normal spot, messing around on his laptop, listening to music videos while other debated the virtues of watching 'The House Bunny". I was secretly wondering why I bothered showing up to a class I already knew I was going to fail. We have emailed outside of class but not really spoken much otherwise. Even then our correspondence related to if I was showing up or not that day. Near mid-semester, he wanted to show me the joys of GMail, so he asked for my email address. I gave it and there in starts our story.

I knew he was close to my age, if you consider that he is 27 and I'm 43. Of course, the others are younger than 22 so that is close in my book. He isn't handsome, but he is intelligent and very gifted with computers and curiosity. His scraggly beard and loafing manner makes him appear much older than he is. Some how I find him oddly interesting in a get in your pants sort of way. He is straight only because he is really too much of a geek to be gay, but I digress. After sitting their in the dark watching the others carry on about the movie and the occasional word exchanged with him next to me. He wanted to share his musically interest with me, either because he figured I was really bored with the movie or out of genuinely wanting to share. So he loaded up some music videos on his laptop and handed over the headphones. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at his choice of music. He is really into the Korean culture, so much that he is learning their language in his spare time. He also liked techno/trance! Bingo! Common ground. The next 2 hours was much more bearable as we discussed music, listened to favorites off of You Tube and hung out. Mid way through all this, he casually mentioned to me, as we were leaning in together, sharing the headphones, that he saw us doing this in a dream he had a week or so earlier. No big production of it, just said it. He told me he saw us sitting just as we were, listening to music together. I was a bit flabbergasted. All I could respond was "Cool". I did state that normally when those types of things happen to me, it usually isn't in a dream or so far in advance. More like an inner voice, closer to the time I should make a decision. Apparently this happens to him a lot and he remembers them. So there you have it, whatever it is and for whatever it is worth. A seemingly straight computer nerd had a dream about me. I must admit, I was flattered. Come to think of it, I need to email him.

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Lemuel said...

hmmm.... don't write off the geeks!

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