Monday, February 2, 2009

God is in The Details

My father and I, today, did some trim work on the porch, as well as give the new post the first coat of paint to help seal them. Tomorrow, hopefully, we can be completely done with it and move on to something else. And there is a lot of something else to do. It is slowly coming together, one step at a time. My grandfather, bless his heart, during the last ten years or so, really didn't do much upkeep on the place. Next thing, is to replace the fascia board and some of the overhang. Then we can paint all of that too. After all of that is done we can move on to landscaping the yard, moving the driveway and building a small shop for all of my father's tool and junk. After that is finished, they move and we start the process of updating their old place. Somewhere in there, we clear the land and grade for my house. This is gonna be a very busy year it seems.

1 comment:

Bob said...

Busy in a good way.
I like the feeling of accomplishment you get from doing home work.

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