Friday, February 6, 2009

Scrubbing The Floors

I helped my mother for a while today, cleaning the other house. Moving is still a long way off, but she tries to keep on top of things over there. We took care of the floors again today. Years of wear and tear and not being properly cleaned had left the hardwoods dull. Twenty years without my grandmother's fastidious cleaning was showing. There were places where it was obvious furniture had sat, long undisturbed. My mother got a lot of the shine back while I was doing the grunt work of moving everything out of the way for her. Of course, we would occasionally stray from our chores as we ran across something we hadn't discovered. We would stop and look and talk about it, then back to work. Overall, a very productive, tiring day. Tomorrow we are going to the big outdoor antique/flea market. She is always on the hunt for a useful bargain. I guess that is where I get it from.


Kevin said...

Gotta love that quality time with Mom, eh?

Lemuel said...

I'm am glad to hear that you not only took time to clean, but that the two of you took time to stop and notice discoveries.

Steven said...

Moments to allow you and your mother to reminisce have to help in doing these arduous chores. Hope you're not feeling too sore!

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