Saturday, February 7, 2009

Trinket Shopping (Part 1)

As a public service to my dear readers, with the gifts for your sweetie in mind, I offer up my expertise in jewelry purchasing for those so inclined. Having worked in the jewelry industry for 8 years and gaining certifications for gemstone knowledge, I present the cliff notes' version as a buyer's guide. Also, if you have further questions, you may email me directly for a response.
Number one purchasing tip for jewelry purchases: Understand what you want the item to do. For example, will it be for everyday wear or just dressy occasions? Is the intended recipient an active person or an executive that sits behind a desk?
The second tip: Know what you are purchasing. It sounds simple enough, but in reality, many have no clue as to the different metals and gemstone qualities. This not only effects the price, but also the wear ability and the maintenance of the item.
Thirdly is price. Understand that a good value isn't always the cheapest price. For example, a men's white metal ring for $300 sounds great. But is it platinum, karat white gold, or silver? This relates to the first two tips, but if you have a solid grasp those two, and have a budget in mind, you won't suffer buyer's remorse.
Also the company you deal with should have a good reputation for the quality of their products. You should have a salesperson that is knowledgeable and patient, that will answer your questions with as much time and detail as needed. Do ask about exchanges, returns, sizing, maintenance programs and such before you purchase. At some point, no matter how well made a product is, it will require some form of work to keep it in perfect shape.
Now till Valentine's Day, I will explain the differences in metals, and gemstones to help you make a sound decision. If time permits I'll try to cover some watch basics as well.

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Lemuel said...

So... where were you forty years ago when I needed you? :-D

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