Friday, February 6, 2009

Well Deserved Shout Out

Normally, I don't post links to other articles. I'm just not that much in to reguritating old news. But I did read an interesting article this morning that I feel deserves to be shared. These companies deserve to be reconized for their business models and philophies, especially in these troubled times. If you get the chance to read it, please do so. If these companies are near you or you have need of their service or products, you should consider supporting them.

1 comment:

rptrcub said...

Publix is a nice chain with high-quality products, but honestly, their prices are too high. Give me Kroger -- even if their employees are ruder and their stores are a bit out of date. I can only afford $.99 corn flakes and $.88 wheat bread -- something Publix can't match. Plus, Publix doesn't have a lot of store brands -- something which I live off of.

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