Friday, April 3, 2009

Do You Have This In My Size?

My mother and I went to the antique show/fair in Concord today. It was beautiful, windy, but beautifully sunny after so much rain over the last week. As always, we delighted in each others company, but the bargains were few to be found. I did pick up a new stand for one of my spheres, after talking the guy down from $12 to $6. I was the only purchase I made. My mother spent a total of $36 on a few small items. I guess we didn't to to bad. It wasn't as full of vendors as usual. I'm not sure what else may have been going on, maybe there was a schedule conflict, but there were several empty booths. On an up note, I did notice this young hottie that has been at several of these things we frequent. I got his card with some info on it. He is young but damn what a smile. He recognized me too. Hard to cruise with your mother in tow, but maybe I'll go back up there tomorrow while my parents are away at the lake house for the weekend. I may can get lucky!

1 comment:

Lemuel said...

Oooo! This could get juicy and interesting!

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