Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Back in my freshman year of high school, I developed a huge crush/obsession on an senior. I thought he was the bomb. My heart did a little pitter patter every time I passed him in the hallway between classes. Somehow, I managed to befriend him, though I don't remember how exactly. He was friendly and receptive, though I figured he was most likely straight. I didn't hold that against him. I remember many a daydreams about him and a few sweet dreams too. I was already sexually active by 9th grade with other guys, but still hadn't gone "all the way", that was was reserved for him. This crush/obsession went on for months. We were both active in after school activities, so we would get to actually chat occasionally. I actually would call him on the phone and chat. I wish I could remember about what, but at the age, everything was important. Some days, he would would hardly get home before I would call to chat, no matter how brief the conversation would be. I remember once I was so focused on him, that as the phone was ringing, I could could plainly hear everything that happened at the other end before he picked up the receiver. Literally, the key being inserted into the lock, the knob turning, his footsteps on the hardwood floor, and him laying the keys on the table, all before the ringing stopped and he said "hello". I even recall asking him if the phone was somehow off the hook some, then relaid everything I had heard. We both thought it strange but couldn't explain it. Now I know it was a phenomenon called clairaudiance. I was so focused on him at the instant I somehow connected with the physical location and heard everything that was happening. I've yet to experience it again. Maybe I'm just not that focused any more. Eventually, my little fantasy crumbled and I was rejected. He ran off after graduation with a female 30-something history teacher. Just as a side note, he was also the reason I attempted suicide. Looking back now, that obviously would not have solved anything.

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Java said...

Seriously?? He ran off with an older woman? Was she a teacher at your high school? What a delicious scandal, except for the unfortunate problem of having your heart broken.

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