Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Feel Every One

Wow! What an exhausting week this has been so far! My father and I have made a dent in the tree clearing, but, my goodness, there is still a lot left to clear. To date, we have cut down 75 trees! There is probably still that many left to remove for the house and lawn areas. Still, I'm very happy with the progress. The goal is to have my spot cleared and the spot for his building cleared by the end of the month for the bulldozer to come in and make things prettier. Thankfully, the area for his building only requires one large tree and a few small saplings and it's ready.

My brother-in-law is coming Friday morning with his Bobcat and a crew of 4 guys to help clean up the front yard of the other place and remove the brush piles. That will be a big help. I hope at least one of them is cute. I could use some eye candy. I feel like I've been weight training again with all the soreness and stiffness. Handling a chainsaw and lifting logs and brush will do that. Thankfully I didn't step in any more stump holes today, but I'm sure I will again before it is all over with. So far the worst that has happened is my father lost his new prescription glasses somewhere in the front yard. That should teach him not to lay them on the tractor fender again.


Steven said...

Glad to hear that your BIL and his crew are coming by to help. This sounds like it has been quite the undertaking for just you and your father.

Ur-spo said...

Have you encountered the Lorax yet?

Lemuel said...

I'll be right there with my Sports Creme! ;)

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