Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Sorry posting is so late today, I overslept just a little. I helped out at my parents' other place. We are finishing up the exterior painting. It has been an exhausting 8 hours today. Feels like a real job. Tomorrow we should be completely through with everything related to the outside of the house and can move on to yard work. Yippee!

Yesterday, wore me out as well. I mowed my yard then cut wood at my place while my father was at a doctor's appointment. I'm so butch with a chainsaw. I meant to take my camera, but in my haste, left it at home. I'll get some more pictures up soon of the progress. There are still many trees to fell on my property, then on to my parent's place to make room for my father's new shop/junk storage building. Sometimes I wonder if this will ever be through. There is just a lot to do with two people, especially when one is out of shape and the other is 71 years old!

Once all that is done, then on to fixing up my parents' old place to get it ready for the market. Hopefully, by then the housing market will have rebounded a little. Of course then there is starting construction on my house and moving two houses full of furniture, then work in my new yard. Maybe by the time I'm 50, it will all be completed.

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Anonymous said...

Oversleeping..haven't done one of those in years, sigh.

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