Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Need Some Schoolin'

These last couple of weeks at school have been brutal. Our class is behind the others that are taught during the day, so we are having to find extra time for one more class for the next two week to try to catch up. School ends soon, so the crunch is on. I've missed a couple days from being sick so that will hurt my grade. I hope not enough to fail me like last time, but I'm gonna have to dig hard to make it. My online class is almost hopeless at this point. Most of my grades have been good, but a few not so great and two zeros because of stupidity at the beginning are really hurting me now. The last assignment due is 20% of the grade. It is make or break in that class. I'm gonna do my best and hope for a miracle, but if I fail it, well, I'll worry about that later. I want to finish all the courses by the end of fall semster. Depending on what I have to retake and what they offer, I may be up shit creek. At the rate it is going, my graduation and retire party will be on the same day.


Russ Manley said...

Hang in there and tough it out, buddy. You can stand anything for two weeks. Good luck to ya.

Java said...

Good luck with the classes. It's a tough haul at the end of the term, huh?

How are online classes? I've never done one, but will have two over the summer.

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