Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Rat And The Serpent

The Rat King stood akimbo upon the mound, silhouetted by twilight skies. His Liege approached and humbly bowed. The King gave a slight nod and he arose. The Serpent Liege could only stutter a response. Being wise and noble, the King gently embraced his Serpent Liege.

He spoke in a rumbling baritone, "What shall you learn, my Beloved, if you never ask the question?"

"In an unlikely coupling as we", Serpent Liege trembled as he spoke, "shall our happiness translate into a forever bliss?"

The Rat King, looked into Serpent's eyes, marveling at the deep mysteries they held. "Dear one, only as much as eternity will allow and only by the ignited passion in our souls, for nothing can part what destiny has brought together in you and I."

Serpent smiled and coiled around the King, embracing him, protecting him. The two unlikely figures stayed upon the mound as night fell, drifting blissfully in the enchanted land of perfect love and perfect trust as eternity slowly flowed by.

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Ray's Cowboy said...

thank you for sharing. Interesting.

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