Friday, April 17, 2009

A Little Peeved

For some reason, my father thought it was a better idea to paint today, so he called my brother-in-law last night and canceled. Now I'm not terribly upset about painting instead of cutting trees. We have made very good progress. What bothers me is sudden change of plans at the last minute. That effected 6 people because he felt it was too wet to run the Bobcat around the yard. I'm flexible and painting will have to be done regardless of the day, but to disrupt the plans of 5 people on less than 24 hours notice is annoying to me. I think it is inconsiderate on my father's part. My brother-in-law had already set aside time out of his work load to drive 130 miles round trip with a crew of 4 guys he was paying to help us out. Even though it didn't effect me, I consider that a slap in the face. If he thought it wouldn't be dry enough, then he should have canceled Wednesday after the storm we had, then my brother-in-law could have rearranged his schedule to meet his work load. I was looking forward to finishing up on cutting trees and getting the brush piles moved so we could walk, but whatever. Life goes on.

1 comment:

Bob said...

I'd be annoyed, too, but maybe your Dad was too tired to do the work, and didn't want to say so, and decided it was best to cancel?

Just saying....though I'd rather be painting than clearing trees and brush! =)

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