Monday, April 20, 2009

You Got To Have Friends

I'm glad that I started on Facebook. I have reconnected with some former coworkers, high school pals, and fellow bloggers. My circle of friends seems the largest it has in a decade or more. It also got me to thinking about what I consider a friendship to be. There are many levels of friendships, from the best friend, close friend, professional friend and the casual acquaintance. There are some things that one expects from each and time nor distance apart really effects the best or close friendship. I've often wondered if I were as good of a friend to people I considered friends as I felt they were to me. The ones I respect, for some reason or other, hardly give the time of day. Others that I considered mere acquaintances have surprised me. Then they are the others that you want to become better friends that offer tempered responses that confuse me. I'm not exactly sure where I fit in or if I even do and should I even try. I suppose having lost so many dear friends over the years, maybe I expect too much from mine. I certainly try not to, but I can be obsessive. I just try not to carry it into stalker status. I know on some level everyone wants friends, especially truly close friends, but how do you form that bond over the Internet? That I still haven't figured out. I just hope that when I leave a comment or send something their way they understand the spirit behind it. I'm middle aged and lonely, just looking to connect with another human being. Nothing nefarious, no hidden agenda, just trying to replace what was lost along the way. I want to be true friends not passing acquaintances. A small circle will do.

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Ur-spo said...

Apparently Facebook is a good way to connect with friends past and present.

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