Saturday, April 25, 2009

Reality Bites

Is there solace in the darkness confined by petty fear and annoyance

Cloaked in your own sweaty desperation to be accepted.

Turned away and put asunder by your own undoing.

Swayed by trend and shallowness.

Deep inside your soul craves satiation, the bond with another human to feast upon with the senses.

Drinking in the essence filling up on compassion yet returning none.

Where hope covers the pain, frees the love unfettered and spread wide.

Dripping truth from your tongue with the taste of self discovery savored.

The retreat to self under a rouse played out in nightmares and daydreams to realize what you've already known.

Reality bites and leaves it mark, but did you cave or forge ahead?

1 comment:

Ray's Cowboy said...

Like the poem. not fully agreeing with it, but like it.

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