Saturday, April 18, 2009


There is something that needs expression.

Something unspoken, lurking in the shadows

just beyond our civil discourse.

Neither wants to ask.

Neither can say.

Maybe it is too soon, or maybe too late.

Maybe not meant to be, or maybe on the wrong track.

What is that next step?

Or are we already there and unaware, as we hurry up and wait?

Perceptions through past disillusions filter,

trying to make sense of the patterns we see.

Are the signs in place?

Are the interpretations correct?

Pregnant pauses, walking on eggshells, keeping a delicate balance of hints

as we tiptoe around questions we should ask.

What happens next?

How to subversively deploy our plan?

Who makes the move this time, in a game of give and take?

Is it love or friendship we are after?

Is the potential there?

And which one wants what?

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