Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy Beavers


After 2 days of cutting. The 3 post you can
barely see, are the stump holes. Two of which
I found the hard way!

That brush pile in the background is
bigger than my car!

There are about 5 more stumps behind
this mulch pile that you can't see.
This pile of brush is just a little smaller than
my car.


A Lewis said...

oh my god, i don't envy you at all.....why is it that I'm so immune to hard physical labor? ugh.

Bear Me Out said...

Ugh. Are your teeth OK, being the busy beaver and all, I just wondered . . . . .

Lemuel said...

BearMeOut beat me to the punch because I was going to tease you about your teeth and chomping on all that wood. Of course, maybe you have developed some techniques that do not invole your teeth when chomping on some wood. *eg* just sayin' LOL!
(seriously, just looking at the pictures makes me tired!)

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