Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Favorites

I love spring and summer or at least certain aspects of them. The beautiful flowers, the warm sunshine, the stripped down men working outdoors. I must admit, the latter ranks the highest. I'm a much worse driver during the warm months than the rest of the year. I always try to catch a glimpse of a half naked man as I pass by. Whether in another vehicle with his shirt off or working somewhere off the road, my eyes just want to linger. Of course, the ones in the vehicle make my imagination run wild. I'm certain they are in there total naked. All the guys that mow in a pair of cut offs, thank you! Those that freely room their homes, almost naked, I salute you!

Ah, spring and summer, my favorite months for crotch watching.


Bob said...

Flowers bloom.
Trees leaf out.
The air turns sweet.
Men strip down.

All signs of spring!

Lemuel said...

My constant fear is that I will be caught by family looking or woofing at such menz.

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