Monday, April 6, 2009


When sadness creeps in like a slow rolling fog,

obscuring the once bright light of your world,

t'is like waving goodbye to a friend slowly sailing out to sea.

Who knows when or if you will meet again.

Reality slowly fades and the senses dull,

locked in a room tainted with despair, colored by hopelessness.

Nothing good passes the barrier now erected,

you on one side, everyone else on the other.

Your cries are unheard and prayers unanswered.

Left alone within the dark cell of your mind

hidden away from decent folk, away from the joy you once knew.

Whispers of doubt from the darkness, feeding upon your soul,

biting off hunks and spitting it out, you watch yourself crumble.

Each tick of the clock a weary frustration,

as you wait, you hope, you pray for the return of day.

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