Monday, March 16, 2009

A Babe in The Woods

Many things in life I do not understand, nor do I have to in order to appreciate them. My life as taken many unplanned twist and turns that left me baffled, but somehow, I still found my way. I realized along the way that come what may, I will cope as best I can. I will get through it and be a better person for it. Nothing could have prepared me for the many deaths of close friends, for the many jobs lost or gained, but through it all, I had faith in myself, in the universe, in God, that it would turn out better than before. So far, that trust has never been betrayed. There has always been someone at the right time, or something in the right place to guide me through to the other side. Some have lingered in my life as friends or acquaintances, some departed after their task was complete. I have grown as a human being, learned to let go of the pettiness and shallowness, the anger and disappointments. I've embraced compassion and kindness, learned to listen to my intuitive self. I seem to know what is right for me at the time, in that place, where I thought nothing would work out right. I've given myself over to empowering myself while lifting others up. Nothing can substitute for the emptiness inside if you allow it to consume you. No job, no one person, no material thing, can fill that void, only love of yourself and your fellow human being despite what flaws they may seem to possess. They usually turn out to be a reflection of flaws you can't admit yourself possess. Regardless of what God you believe in or not, turning your life over to the divine within, living your truth will cure many of life's problems. The others that it doesn't are usually from taking on someone else problem. They must deal with those on their own.


Bob said...

I truly believe that if people stop and think, really think, and listen to their own voice, they'll know what to do.
It's a hard thing to grasp and is even harder to do all the time, but I truly believe it works.
Nicely put, Dave.

T.E.W. said...

Well said and I agree with ya!

Lemuel said...

Your experience with life - that, even in unexpected turns of fate, at the right time the right thing happenedor the right person appeared - has been echoed also in mine.

Ur-spo said...

well said indeed
angels and gods continually talk if we would listen and actually trust them too.

Jackson said...

I can think of my own examples too.

Thank you for reminding us of this important life lesson.

Ray's Cowboy said...

fully agree with you on this.

John said...

Wise words indeed!

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