Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Such a Bang Up Job

I helped my father for a few hours today over at the other place. We worked on the front fascia board. It had to be replaced. As well as a portion of the overhang. We installed new louvered vents in the overhang last week. Tomorrow, we will finish up the back of the house and move on to the next project. It will wear you out climbing up and down ladders, and driving nails over your head backward. I'm sure my father is exhausted at 71, cause I sure am. I bet I sleep good tonight. Once all this stuff is done, we move own to clearing a spot for his building and my house. That's the part I'm looking forward to the most.

1 comment:

Lemuel said...

You are very right about the tiring of repeatedly climbing (or even standing on) a ladder and of doing anything with your arms over your head for extended periods.

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