Sunday, March 22, 2009


Where do you feel the most at peace? For me, it's surrounded by nature on a quite country night under a full moon. My mind is at ease and all things are possible. The song of birds or a serenade of crickets. An embracing breeze through the leaves. The scent of honeysuckle in the air. I feel connected to all living things. I feel the love of earth and all it's people. There are no deadlines, no rushing around. Just me, Mother Nature and Father Time, enjoying each other's company. To sit and watch the insects go about their daily lives, or wonder what changes the trees have seen in their life time. Nothing can compare to the overwhelming sense of awe it inspires in me. The simple beauty of a blossom. Looking closely, the seemingly tranquil is teeming with life. Everything in harmony with the other, dependant on the other. A complete and eternal circle of birth, life and death carried on a thousand times a thousand across the planet. I am made of the same stuff the earth is, the tree, the stars. How infinite it all is and how finite and haughty the human race has been. I often feel the tears well up at these moments, both of sadness and joy. If I were gone, I would miss the beauty but also become a part of it. A return to whence I came and all that was before me and all that will be after me. That is true peace.

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A Lewis said...

I must agree with the peace and quiet of the countryside, unhindered by phones, computers, cars, screaming children, foul-mouthed adults and the like. Just the skies, the ground, and all that they produce.

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