Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Birthday Wish

I don't feel any older today. It's just another rainy Saturday. I decided to indulge today on my blog, if it weren't obvious. I figured why not? I do appreciate all the well wishers today. I enjoyed that immensely. It helped alleviate growing older some. Honestly, I don't mind growing older. (The key word is growing.) I look forward to birthdays. The gray hair and wrinkles I could do without, but the fact that so many of my friends didn't make it this far, gives me pause to be thankful for each birthday that passes. I'm silently celebrating for them as well. Most likely I earned each little wrinkle and gray hair anyway. In a little while, I'll turn the lights of for Earth Day, light some candles, meditate and then have some wine while I catch up on my movie watching. One of the joys of old age is it doesn't take as much effort or planning to feel alive as it once did, or maybe that is wisdom from experience? Thanks so much to my loyal readers and followers for the comments. My birthday wish this year is that everyone everywhere gets to experience at least once in their lives the joy of peace and abundance. Bless you.


A Lewis said...

Gray hair and wrinkles? Oh please. Where?? Happiest of days. Many good thoughts for a great year ahead.

Sam said...

Happy Birthday UD! Hope the next year is the best yet!

Constant Motion said...

Happy Birthday. In this day and age we have much to be thankful for. Your words amongst them are indeed grateful gifts to us all during the entire year. :)

Ray's Cowboy said...

Happy Birthday. I hope your day and the rest of yoru life a many blessing with them. Again Happy birthday.

Lemuel said...

May you find, as many of us have, that these are the best years of your life: old enough to be wise and young enough to be foolish!

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