Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sticker Shock

My sister gave me a little bit of money early for my birthday. So being worried about doing my part to help the economy recover, I figured I should add some more pieces to my china and crystal patterns. So I go to the Replacements Ltd. website to find my patterns since both have been discontinued.

This is my china pattern. "Renaissance" by Christian Dior.
When I started this pattern, plates were about $45 each and
the soup was about $30. Now, the plates are $199.95 each and
the soup is $119.95. So I passed on those for the moment.

This is my crystal pattern. "Metropolitan" by Waterford.

When I started this pattern the wine stem was $45 each.
Now they are $79.95 each.

Well, I wasn't going to spend thousands to finish my patterns. The china is just too rich for my blood right now, so I ordered only two of the wine stems. With tax and shipping charges, it was still $180! I just about fainted. At least I know I can sell it back to them at some point if I ever need the cash. When you have discontinued patterns that you absolutely love, they definitely have you over a barrel. I may not be able to sit for the rest of the week after this.


Curtis said...

I buy old Buffalo diner ware with a green stripe. You are WAY out of my league!

Lemuel said...

Among the other delights of reading your blog, today you have provided me this link to the replacement site. I was not aware of them. We have a ten piece setting of china that we treat lovingly (for the reasons you talk about in this post - $$$). It is good to know that there is a place to find replacements and also a place that may buy ours should we decide to sell.

Peter said...

Start with a new style which is more affordable and sell off the Dior and Waterford sets, it's also a way of stimulation the economy.

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