Sunday, March 22, 2009

Deep in The Ultra

What does it take to make Ultra Dave happy? Not much actually. I have fairly simple taste, it does lean to the more exotic though. While I appreciate many things, I tend to gravitate toward the expressive, spiritual, natural type things. I love beauty in many forms. Art, music, gemstones, plants, fabrics. I truly love things that engage my five senses. The more unique, rare or luxurious seem to fascinate me. I love things that sparkle. Jewelry and crystals hold a special place. The mystical fascinates me. Dragons, eggs, spheres, mythical beast. Books and sweaters are a weakness. A nice cozy wool cardigan and a good book and I can be content for days on end. I don't care for labels or trends. I don't care for the latest, greatest, everybody has one stuff. That applies to everything, from plants to designers. The less pedestrian the better for me. I don't like being a walking advertisement either. I don't like spending more money than necessary to get what I want. I'm the king of delayed gratification and I adore a company that offers lay aways. I prefer quality of quantity any day and will wait as long as it takes to get it. I'm the easiest to buy for in my family. I collect several things and welcome additions, but I am picky about them. I'm not after increasing the quantity of items, but rather, acquiring pieces that are unique or express my personal interest. I'm never insulted with a gift card to my favorite stores or even just a card in general. To me it's the thought. I never return or exchange a gift unless it is defective or I happen to have something too similar to justify keeping it. I would rather know in advance what a gift will be than risk an awkward moment when presented with a gift.

1 comment:

Bob said...

I'll take a good book and a glass of wine over any party, any day.....warm going.....aaaaaah!

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