Saturday, March 21, 2009

Looky What I Found!

I bought myself a little something for an early birthday gift to myself today while out with my mother. I've been looking at this cocktail table for a month now in this little antique/consignment shop I frequent. I decided it was meant to be mine since it was still there, and they even took less for it than what was on the sticker! Not bad for $40 bucks! My mother spent a lot more than I did today, so I don't feel too guilty over it. I just wish it was in my new house already!


A Lewis said...

Very nice. Why do I like the term "cocktail" table better than "coffee" table??

T.E.W. said...

Nice find enjoy your new treasure.

Ray's Cowboy said...

Congrats on your find. Also when is your birthday???

Ultra Dave said...

Saturday, the 28th. Thanks for asking!

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