Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Damn! That Hurt!

Another 7 hours up and down ladders, nailing over our heads and banging our thumbs. My father and I are wore out again, but the new fascia board is up. He bang his thumb pretty badly yesterday with the hammer, enough to bring blood and need a band-aid. I did it today so he wouldn't feel like he was the only one that does that. Mine wasn't nearly that bad, but I'm sure the nail will be black tomorrow. I said to him yesterday when he did it, "No wonder your hands are so big, you've spent years flattening them out with the hammer!" He chuckled a little. Tomorrow we should finish up some trim moulding that needs to be replaced outside, then we can move to painting. (more up and down the ladders) I really don't mind too much, it helps tighten up my butt. So progress is being made, albeit slowly, but we are moving right along.


Lemuel said...

oooh! I like those side (or shall I say rear) dividends.

Ruffy said...

OUCH- been there done that-- it's the Fred Flintstone hurt!!

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