Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Interrogating The Soul

Here are some questions to ask yourself, to find your personal truth. You can do this in your head, write them in a journal, post them on your blog, or however else you wish. (I recommend writing them somewhere, so you can refer back to the answers and gauge your progress.) The important part is to get the answers out in the open for you to see. Only then can you tell what is needed. Good luck to you if you choose this journey. It can be painful sometimes, even just admitting things to yourself, but in the end you will be amazed at the results in your life.

Where am I in my life?

Is it where I want to be?

What changes will achieve my goal?

How can I achieve my goals?

What are my goals?

Are my goals obtainable?

Are the goals mine or are for somebody else?

Do I have the resources available to achieve my goals?

Are my goals in line with my beliefs and values?

What are my beliefs and values?

Are they mutable or rigid?

Where do they originate?

Am I happy with my beliefs and values?

Have they grown and adapted as I have matured through my life?

Which ones are worth keeping? Which should be discarded?

Does these beliefs and values serve me well or hinder me?

What is most important to me; spiritual concerns, financial success, my physical self, or my mental well being?

Do I have a balance between the needs of mind, body and soul?

What can I do to bring them more in line with each other?

What effects would it have on my overall quality of life?

Do I have a support network to help with the changes?

Do I put one part of my life over another for short term gain? If so, why? Do I need to change that?

Am I living the truth of myself? Do I often do things that I don't agree with just to get along with others?

What effect does that have on my psyche? My health? My personal life?

Does doing so cause me to suffer in some way?

How much control can I exercise over it to make myself happier?

What lessons have I learned in these instances?

Did I listen to my inner voice?

Do I still beat myself up over it or have I forgiven myself?

Do you make quite time for yourself?

Do you pursue a personal hobby or endeavor to relax and de-stress regularly?

Can you alter your schedule to do so?

What would you chose to do?

Does it move you closer to your values and beliefs? How so?

Have you been truthful with yourself in answering these questions? If not, why?

Do you now feel you have a better grasp of the direction your life is taking?

Do you now have a better plan for all aspects of your life?

Will it lead you to your ultimate truth and happiness?

1 comment:

Java said...

That is a lot of questions! I can't answer so many deep questions like that, not in a short period of time. I'll admit that many of them are good questions to ponder, but the length of the list is intimidating.

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