Friday, March 27, 2009

One Life to Live Ain't Enough

If you could chose how long you lived, how long would you chose? 100 years? 200? 500? Forever? I think forever is too long. One hundred years isn't long enough. Somewhere between two and five hundred years sounds agreeable to me. I know what you're thinking, "You would outlive everyone you know." True, but other than my immediate family, I already have. Of course, I will outlive my parents most likely, that's almost a given. My sister and her family travel a lot and participate in a lot of sports, so there is an outside chance I could outlive at least one of them as well. As it stands now, I don't see or hear from them that often, so would it make a difference? Not to me, really. Now given that other than depression attributed weight gain, I have no health problems, feasibly, if in the same physical condition or better as well as given the advances in the medical field, I could live to be one hundred rather easily. It's the other two or three hundred that could be a problem. So lets say I'm in perfect health, I look no where near my chronological age and everything else is in place for the perfect life. What would I do with an extra couple hundred years on this earth? I love to travel, think of all the places I could visit or even live. I enjoy reading and writing, maybe I could write the absolutely best novel or autobiography ever written. I enjoy music, so why not master several of my favorite instruments? I love learning new things too, so I might as well accumulate several degrees in a variety of subjects that interest me. Imagine all the history you would see unfold over the course of 200 years or more of life. The knowledge and experiences would be like none that ever came before you. Think of what you could share. Even on a practical side, think how much money you could acquire if you had that much time and knowledge. If there is a break through in science for longevity or some magic potion, sign me up! I'm ready to die whenever my times comes, but if it's a few centuries away, that's okay too. I have plans.


Anonymous said...

You're assuming that one who lives a long life would want to share in their experiences.

Constant Motion said...

If I stuck around to reach that age, think of how much my Viagra bill would be each month? Nuh Huh.

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