Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bargin Hunters

My mother and I just returned from another shopping sojourn. I actually spent a little bit of money this time. I purchased a Brazilian quartz crystal, a sparkle rope thingy, and some stands for my gemstone eggs and spheres. Grand total $18.00. I'm living large! I was showing her a few things here and there that I like and collect. My mother turns to me and says, " Is there anything you don't collect?" I replied, "No. I even collect dust." She chuckled. I can't help it I have diverse interest, that happens to expensive. I think other than lunch and admission, she only spent $5.00 this go round on an ugly plant stand, with some flaws. She didn't seem to be worried about them when I pointed them out to her. Whatever, her money.

It was really sort of sad there today. A lot of booths were empty. Many had slashed prices in hopes of moving merchandise. There weren't as many people there as normal. The economy really has put a damper on people's spending. Even when confronted with bargin prices, they are holding back on spending. I felt sorry for the vendors. I don't think anyone made a lot of money there, exculding the gate and concessions. I hope things tun around soon, but I don't think the worse is ove yet.

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Lemuel said...

Like you, I have a very extensive dust collection. Some of it goes way back. ;)

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